Casa Colibri Pediatric

Healthy living begins here.

Through specialized healthcare and wellness education, we can help build a community of healthy youth. We want to give locals access to low-cost medical care, preventative health care education, prenatal care and mental health care to the locals of Olón and nearby towns. 

It all starts with education.

The need to develop skills in the area of Science, Technology , Engineering, Arts, and Math are more important today that at any time in history. Olon is no exception. The kids of Olon at every age are hungry for STEAM programs. 

Local School Support

Curia School is an example of the needs for the local schools. We can provide resources like computers, art supplies, better facilities, and so much more...Our Time too! 


STEAM Education Mobile Classroom

We have the Bus! Now let's make it a classroom!

STEAM education is only a few miles away when the classroom is mobile. We are working to convert this bus into a classroom that can travel to the local school and provide fun, educational programs that teach the subjects that are needed to gain footing in today's work. 

K-12 STEM programs are one of the best ways to grow abilities in problem solving, critical thinking, imagination, and team work. Starting young is the key so

let's meet the kids where they are at! Bring the education to them. On the bus!

Would you like to donate supplies?

Here's what we're looking for. 

1) Engineers, Engineers, and more Engineers! 

2) Laptop computers

3) Solar panels

4) Scientific instruments

5) Robotic Building toys

What is an established community without a library?

The Olon Library Project

A place where youth and adults can explore, learn new things and get lost in beautiful stories. A place where children are challenged and given a chance to grow with a path to educational success. A place to gather and share those experiences with others. The Olon Library is a vessel of education for the people of Olón.

COVID 19 Support Activities


The Ecuador Coast is one of the hardest hit areas in Ecuador, if not the world. COVID-19 cases are increasing at an alarming rate. We are making efforts to bring food and preventative education to the local towns to help slow this crisis

Spirit of Wellness and community leaders are partnering and putting themselves at risk to provide food basket to affected families. It only takes $30 to provide a family of 4 food for a week



You can make a direct impact today on a family that needs your help. 

If you can - Please donate what you can.